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Exports from Manitoba to Australia have grown by more than 130 percent over the last five years, with Australia now being Manitoba’s fifth largest export market. Expanding your business by contributing to the large volume of exports from Winnipeg to Australia won’t be difficult, especially if you use Platinum Freight® to manage the customs clearance process and the logistics involved in having your product shipped from Winnipeg to any Australian port. Platinum Freight® are licensed Customs Brokers in Australia and Certified Customs Specialists in Canada but are also freight forwarding specialists making it possible for you to work with a single company to manage every aspect of your exports to Australia.


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What Does a Customs Broker Do?

A customs broker manages all aspects of customs clearance for you, saving you from having to fuss with learning the customs and quarantine regulations and requirements of Australia. Because customs regulations differ for all countries and change regularly, understanding them and making sure that you comply with them can be quite challenging, and using a customs broker eliminates most of this fuss.

At Platinum Freight® we don’t only have extensive knowledge of all of the Australian Border Force requirements for the ninety-seven chapters of commodities, we are also aware of new requirements before they come into effect and are able to ensure your exports always comply. We are able to assist you with correctly classifying and valuing your products, along with gathering all the required documentation, and attending to any requests or queries from customs on your behalf. Our Reverse Clearance® service allows you to know what all of the clearance costs might be before your export leaves Canada, giving you full control over the costs; this is possible thanks to our years of experience working with the Australian Border Force and the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE).

What Does a Freight Forwarder Do?

Moving your products from Winnipeg to Australia can be more challenging than ensuring they clear customs without unnecessary delays. You may have a great understanding of how to ship your products across Canada but shipping internationally involves much more than dealing with a single transporter.

Freight Forwarders have extensive knowledge of how international shipping works and an equally wide familiarity with different transport operators and the areas and types of transport they specialise in allows freight forwarders to always choose the most appropriate form of transport for any type of product – whether it be the movement of agricultural products through to large or heavy equipment. A freight forwarder will negotiate the best rates for all forms of transport, from road and rail, through to airfreight or sea-freight and they are able to take care of all the transportation logistics for you, such as collecting the products from your premises, through to having the goods collected from the airline terminal or sea freight depot in Australia to your end-customer.

At Platinum Freight® we have more than 19 years of experience working with importers and exporters across a wide range of industries; such as businesses that have been exporting for many years and businesses that are new to exporting and require a lot more guidance.

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