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Importing to Canada may be easy process and a relatively cheap process but plenty of importers forget that the reporting and transaction with the Canadian Border Services Agency [CBSA] is live for four [4] years; this means that the CBSA may review the transaction during that period of time.

Platinum® recommends commercial importers to have a good compliance history with the CBSA and one way to have this compliance is to apply for Advance Rulings on the products that enter Canada. Every commodity that enters Canada must be allocated an eight [8] digit number to determine the applicable import duty. Platinum® assesses your product/s and submits an Advance Ruling to the CBSA asking them to confirm that the eight [8] digit number is correct. Once the CBSA confirms this; you are protected until it is revoked or amended from any penalties. We like to think of this as your insurance policy.


Platinum Freight® Forwarding

As we mentioned above, importing to Canada is relatively easy and cost effective, however some customs brokers with limited knowledge or experience sometimes apply the incorrect 8 digit number for your goods when they enter Canada and then you could pay the incorrect amount of import duty. Platinum® provides a review service where you send the processed file to our office either by email or post and we will review the file at no charge to determine if you paid the incorrect amount of import duty [you paid a higher amount]. If an error is found, we will offer you our duty refund service, where we will apply for the refund on your behalf [this is a fee for service].

When importing to Canada, Canadian importers find the goods on-line, the supplier overseas states that it will cost so much to ship the goods and then the Canadian importer thinks that this is the end of the story; however there are a multitude of fees when the goods arrive at a Canadian airport terminal or sea freight port [costs which in many cases have never been accounted or budgeted]. Platinum® provides a Pre-Arrival Assessment; we would provide you with a full costing letting you see the whole picture – not just 50% of the picture. You would then be in a more educated position to determine if the goods are really as affordable as you first thought.

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