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Whether working through our Edmonton, Alberta office or any of our other Canadian offices, our primary goal at Platinum Freight® is to have your goods sent to Australia pre-cleared before arrival. This ensures that your client can collect the goods almost as soon as they have arrived, or we can deliver to your client in Australia. We are licensed Customs Brokers in Australia and Certified Customs Specialists in Canada, meaning that we have all of the required knowledge and experience needed to facilitate imports and exports moving through the entire customs and quarantine process with ease, and at a known cost to you.


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When Do I Need a Customs Broker?

The short answer is that you will need a customs broker in Australia if the goods are for business use; a customs broker is very handy for when you are entering new markets, are a small business without a dedicated department focussing on the intricacies of international trade, or are a well-established business that would rather focus on continuing to grow the business without worrying about new processes and administration.

When expanding into new markets, a customs broker can provide you and your business with a great deal of benefits. Every country has different requirements for imports, from the classification of goods, through to what can and cannot be imported, and the maximum value of goods that can be imported without any formal customs processes.

Using a customs broker can relieve you of the burden of having to learn all of this for the new market(s) that you are trying to expand into. A certified customs specialist like Platinum Freight® in Edmonton who knows all of the regulations governing imports into Australia, so that you are properly advised of the steps that you need to take to ensure your goods are processed through the Australian Border Force and Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) without unnecessary delays – such as fumigating wooden products beforehand. We also know what documentation is required and can assist with most of the paperwork involved.

What Is a Customs Clearance Fee?

A customs clearance fee should not be confused with import duties and taxes; instead it is a fee charged by a customs broker to take care of all of the documentation and other requirements to have the goods processed through the Australian Border Force (ABF) and Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE); a customs broker aims to have the goods moving through the borders without delays.

Platinum Freight® Edmonton provides a Reverse Clearance® service, which allows us to give you an accurate breakdown of the costs to have your goods processed through the Australian Border Force and the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) and then delivered to the end destination on your behalf [if required]. We can also invoice you in Canadian dollars; allowing you to be in full control of the customs clearance fees when exporting to Australia. 

Contact Platinum Freight® Edmonton for an assessment of your exporting costs when sending goods to Australia; whether Australia is to be a new market for you or an existing market and you’re looking for some extra support when it comes to the entire process – rely on Platinum Freight®

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