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In the last five years, exports from Ontario to Australia have grown by 22 percent, with a 43 percent growth for manufactured articles. But even for established businesses, entering a new international market can be challenging, from managing shipping logistics, to managing import regulations that differ for every international market. Platinum Freight® can simplify the process by taking care of the complexity for you, from customs brokerage in Australia to ease of customs clearance, to managing the logistics of freight forwarding for you or your end-customer. As Certified Customs Specialists in Canada with over 19 years customs brokerage experience in Australia, we are able to expertly manage exports from Ottawa to Australia.
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What Does a Customs Broker Do?

A customs broker is always extremely knowledgeable about the import regulations and customs requirements for the country they are licensed to work in. This allows them to be able to act on behalf of importers and exporters, to facilitate the movement of goods through the customs process.

Every country has different rules and regulations affecting the importation of goods and without the assistance of a customs broker, it would be up to the receiver to learn what these are and to ensure that they have all of the relevant documents required by the Australian Border Force (ABF) to prevent unnecessary delays in having their products cleared through the borders.

Working with Platinum Freight® who are licensed Customs Brokers in Australia helps Ottawa businesses to enter the Australian market with minimum fuss and always in full control of the costs. Our Reverse Clearance® service means that before your goods even depart Ottawa – you are aware of the entire process and the costs to have the items cleared in Australia [and more than likely Quarantine as well]. After the goods have been cleared we can arrange delivery from the air terminal or sea freight depot to your end-customer in Australia. For your convenience, we offer you the option to pay in Canadian dollars.

What Does a Freight Forwarder Do?

While a customs broker or Certified Customs Specialist processes the export through the Canadian Border Services Agency [CBSA], a freight forwarder facilitates the actual movement of your goods from your warehouse to the final destination in the country you are exporting to; freight forwarders are not transporters, but instead work with various transport companies to move your goods via road, rail, air, and/or sea efficiently and cost-effectively in essence managing all of the logistics for you.

Working with Platinum Freight® Ottawa can mean dealing with a single company to take care of all of the logistics and administration involved in exporting goods from Ottawa to any port in Australia. We are able to manage both freight forwarding and customs clearance, working with you to ensure your goods are properly classified, have the required permits, completing all of the needed documentation, and even paying any duties and taxes on your behalf. Our decades long experience in logistics, customs, and freight management translate into an uncomplicated export process for you from the very start to finish; whether you’ve been exporting to Australia for years or are just starting to expand into the international marketplace – contact our Ottawa office to discuss your needs and see how we can help your business grow smoothly.

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