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Australia is a leading export destination for goods originating in Nova Scotia, growing from C$35-million in 2017 to C$49-million in 2018. If you’re ready to grow your business by introducing your products to the Australian market but have been hesitant because of having to figure your way around the ever-changing Customs regulations, Platinum Freight® Halifax can help. As licensed Customs Brokers in Australia and Certified Customs Specialists in Canada, Platinum Freight® is able to remove all of the complexity of exporting to Australia by taking care of all the customs documentation and clearance process for you [mostly before the goods depart Halifax].

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What Does a Customs Broker Do?

Custom brokers act as an intermediary between you and the customs departments of the country you are exporting to; they have in-depth knowledge and expertise of legislation governing imports, the required documentation and the duties and taxes involved.

At Platinum Freight® we can assist your Halifax business in entering or expanding your trade with Australia by advising you on the correct classification to use for the items you are exporting, assisting you in obtaining any required permits, process all of the documentation necessary for exporting goods from Halifax to any Australian port, along with paying any necessary duties and taxes on your behalf – leaving you to focus on running your business instead of getting tangled up in international trade regulations.

There’s the added benefit of whenever we act for Halifax exporters sending their goods to Australia, we are able to manage the entire process for you, including freight forwarding – and we invoice promptly in Canadian dollars.

What Is Freight Forwarding?

For most businesses, domestic shipping is relatively simple, but shipping internationally adds multiple layers of complexity. Freight forwarding sees someone else dealing with that complexity and a freight forwarder will manage the logistics involved in getting your product from your location in Halifax to its final destination in Australia.

At Platinum Freight® we have long-established relationships with various carriers offering everything from road and rail transport to airfreight and sea-freight. This allows us to manage every aspect of exporting your goods to Australia, from arranging collection from your business, to organising the actual shipping from Halifax to Australia, either via airfreight or sea-freight. We save you time and help you manage the costs and if you also use our Australian customs brokerage service, we’re also managing the entire customs clearance process for you, ensuring all of the documentation is on hand and correctly completed, paying duties and taxes on your behalf and if you want transporting the goods from the depot to their final destination in Australia.

Our Reverse Clearance® service also gives you more control over the cost of exporting products from Halifax to Australia, by providing you with an accurate breakdown of the costs for getting your products processed and cleared through the Australian Border Force and the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE). Before your products depart Halifax you already know what the whole process is going to cost!

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