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While the value of annual exports from Vancouver to Australia fluctuates considerably, it is always in excess of C$300-million, putting Australia firmly within the top 15 export destinations for products originating in British Columbia. Growing your Canadian business by introducing the products that you make into Australia is not as difficult as you would imagine, especially if you make use of a customs broker with expert knowledge of the Australian customs requirements; such as Platinum Freight® licensed Customs Brokers in Australia and Certified Customs Specialists in Canada – with more than 22 years of experience working in this field.

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What Does a Customs Broker Do?

Customs brokers specialise in getting their clients exports through customs and quarantine as quickly and cost-effectively as possible; but there is a lot of work that goes into accomplishing this – and it is all designed to make exporting as simple as possible for our clients.

While you, as an exporter still need to ensure that certain documentation is provided, your customs broker will collate the documentation, check that it is properly completed and that is sufficient for the Australian Border Force and Department of Agriculture. Additionally, your customs broker can attend to inspections and various checks performed by the Australian Border Force, provide supplemental information if needed, and arrange for your shipment to be collected and delivered from the airline terminal or sea freight depot. 

Platinum Freight® Vancouver offers a Reverse Clearance® service which includes more than the services that you would expect from a standard customs broker; you are provided with an accurate costing for your goods to clear customs, presented to you before your shipment even leaves Vancouver for Australia and billed in Canadian dollars – giving you greater control over your export costs.

What Is Freight Forwarding? 

Another benefit of working with Platinum Freight® in Vancouver is that we are also able to assist you with all aspects of freight forwarding; just as using a customs broker sees you entrust someone else with navigating the requirements of customs in international markets, freight forwarding sees you authorising someone else to manage the logistics of having your goods exported from Vancouver to the end destination.

Regardless of whether you are a small business or a large organisation, international shipping can be complex, but freight forwarding sees you benefiting from the knowledge of someone who is able to organise all aspects of shipping your products from Vancouver to Australia; dealing with a number of different transportation providers, negotiating costs and making sure that your products aren’t only moved efficiently but also cost-effectively. A good freight forwarder will not only know when to use airfreight instead of sea-freight, they will also know how to get the best rate for your shipment whether it is a Full Container Load (FCL) or a Less than Container Load shipment (LCL).

Contact Platinum Freight ® Vancouver to see how we may help you expand your business into Australia or even assist in simplifying your existing trade with Australia – making the process less time-consuming. Whether you need assistance with Australian customs formalities or also in having your goods shipped from Vancouver to Australia – Platinum Freight® can assist.

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